Incorporating Fun To Education.

ESSS is a family-run business that began as a popular solution for many Italian school groups dissatisfied with previous study holiday experiences not meeting their expectations. Our success in accommodating our customers stems from the family itself having both Italian and English backgrounds, which gives us an edge over other agents in our ability to bridge the gap between the Italian and British culture. Over the years, our experience working with different schools gives us the cultural knowledge to work with customers from any country, including those from outside Europe.

Since our inception, ESSS has grown from offering small groups students of all ages wishing to visit London for English language education into a company who caters to everyone from large groups to individuals. Additionally, We now offer short and long holiday breaks, without the academic component for those looking for a relaxing holiday or a romantic getaway.

Managing Director

After working for 20 years at the Ministry of Defense, Yvonne’s love for youth and students inspired her to launch ESSS more than seven years ago.

Her tireless work ethic, kind mother-hen nature and eye for detail are the driving force behind its success.

Yvonne looks after every single student as if they were her own children, showing them the most interesting, beautiful and true aspects of life in London.


Errico’s pater familiae (he would love this epithet to death), Antonio watches with attention and vigilance his stalwarts, supervising their job with impartiality and objectivity.

A Deep-down Apulian (as evidenced by his passion for good-quality wines), Antonio loves Latin and ancient Greek literature, folk Italian music and old Totò movies.

Which he delights in watching at the end of a hard day at work in Wimbledon. Likable and fun, he always makes everyone feel at home, creating a warm, welcoming environment with his simple, yet sincere smile.


Annie, Yvonne and Antonio Errico’s daughter, is a 31-years-old gleeful microbiology graduate who turned on a dime after her first degree and decided to take pursue a Master’s course in business management.

Her innovative dissertation about the development of family brands and businesses makes it easy to guess her attachment to her family and shows a family-oriented attitude towards ESSS.

Marketing expert (and excellent burrito chef), Annie is the co-founder of ESSS, and works as the financial adviser of the company, helping when necessary with the management of student groups and the overall organization.

General Assistant

The eldest Errico son, 34 years old Michael is a Dr. and also has a degree in biochemistry. He began studying scientific volumes and stitching oranges’ peels when he was fourteen and is well on his way to a fulfilling career in hospitals among patients. all the rest can stay.

He has studied abroad in the U.S., and has worked in Ghana and in Australia where he continued his medical training at Melbourne hospital.

When he isn’t busy (sleep is for ordinary people) Michael helps his family run the business and typically charms all our female students with his friendly nature and warm smile.