Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

All Courses and accommodation are offered subject to availability.

Errico’s Student Support Services reserves the right to cancel a course or make changes to course arrangements without liability if obliged to by circumstances beyond its control. In such cases ESSS would seek to offer alternative arrangements, dates or venues, or a full refund for tuition and accommodation.

Course Fees: No documentation will be issued until we receive the Course Deposit. Students will not be permitted to start the course unless full payment has been received.

Cancelation & Refunds:  The parent/guardian must inform the administration office in writing. Cancellation fees are charged as follows, and balance is refunded.

Cancelation Received


More than 30 days before the course begins

All fees less course deposit of GBP 500

Less than 30 days before the course begins

20% of course fees(excludes transfer charges, supplementary charges for optional activities and insurance premium)

Less than 14 days before the course begins

No refund Available

After arrival/early termination of the course

No Refund Available

Changes to enrolments: We reserve the right to charge an administration fee of GBP %0 each time course details are changed after confirmation documents have been issued. This charge will not apply to course extensions.

Student Conduct / standard of behaviour: We reserve the right to terminate without notice the course of any student who persistently misconducts himself/herself in their classes or accommodation, or who fails to meet the attendance requirements of the course. There is no refund of fees to students whose courses are terminated in this way.

Accident and Medical Insurance / Personal Insurances:  Every student must have a comprehensive insurance package before leaving home. This should cover loss of and /or personal belongings, and medical expenses in the event that student is ill, and course fees in the event of an unexpected cancellation or curtailment of the course.

Responsibilities of the Parent / Guardian: By submitting the form and clicking ☑ I agree to terms and condition: the parent/guardian grants the student permission to participate in the full programme of class and leisure activities, authorises Eccrico’s Student Support Services to take appropriate action in the case of any medical or other emergency and accepts responsibility for any resultant costs, accepts responsibility for any wilful damage caused by student and any resultant cost for repair or replacement and accepts the levels of supervision provided by Errico’s Student Support Services at the centre and on excursions.

Promotional Photographs and Videos: Esss Ltd or its representatives may take photographs and videos of classes or other school activities during your time with us, which may be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish the student to appear in any promotional materials, please advise us at the time of booking.

Centre Rules and Supervision Level: By submitting the application form and clicking ☑ I agree to terms and condition: the parent/guardian also agrees to the supervision level of the chosen centre and the rules that student must follow. A copy of these will be sent with booking confirmation.

Reservation: When submitting this form you must make a payment of deposit amount GBP 500 or Full course fees via our secure online payment system powered by Stripe.  

Payment: The total amount due must be paid at least 30 days before your course begins in order to guarantee your place.  Payment can be made through our secure online payment system powered by Stripe.