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Our aim at ESSS is to provide a service for everyone: from individuals to schools; from families to employers; from children to adults; as short getaways to a surprise romantic weekend for a loved one! The list is endless! We aim to provide both learning and cultural experiences of the highest levels, whilst maintaining the principle that learning and experiencing England is fun! We endeavor to accommodate whatever our customer requires, as we provide a UNIQUE service to everyone either wishing to study or who are simply wishing to visit the UK. For those wishing to study, ESSS promotes linguistic experiences for students between the United Kingdom and other countries providing opportunities for international experience of the British culture whilst improving language skills. ESSS will help you to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies in a foreign language that are valuable for future educational and working accomplishments. ESSS will help you to become more integrated within the society at large as well as actively playing a role in fostering exchange programs and promoting a better understanding of the diversity of our common European culture.

Specific English Language Courses

English & Activity Specific Courses

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