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What Our Students Say

Our Students are ESSS's best advocates.

If you are a previous ESSS student and would like to share feedback about your experience with us, we would love to hear from you! Email us today:

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Lara, Lecce, Italy

My experiences with ESSS have been among the most beautiful and enriching in my life. I have been in London for two consecutive summers thanks to ESSS. I had the chance to learn English through exceptional high level teachers and to live in safe, clean and stimulating environments thanks to the meticulous research made by Yvonne and Antonio to find the best solutions for us. Apart from learning, we had the chance to visit London and to experience many activities and events. From theatres and museums to nature and afternoon teas, Yvonne and Antonio’s knowledge and mastery of London made it a completely different experience. Another important aspect of these journeys have been the people and cultures that I got to know. This constant learning, in and out of School and the opportunity to widen knowledge and perspectives have played an important role to shape the person I am today.  I am grateful for the opportunity that my parents and ESSS gave me and I hope many other students will have the chance to experience the same things.  A special thanks goes to Yvonne and Antonio who are the most caring and kind people that I know.

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Valentina, Roma, Italy

Have you ever dreamt of studying abroad for a long period of time? ESSS gives you the opportunity to do that!! Last summer I went to England and I stayed there for two weeks. I attended an English course, at Wimbledon School of English (WSE). I studied the language and tried to improve my language skills.  It was a wonderful experience because ESSS offered me the chance to meet not only natives, but also other students from all over the world, and to get acquainted with new cultures and habits! Thanks to my short stay in London with ESSS, I have also become more self-confident. It is important to study a foreign language in the place where it is spoken and to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are learning. Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and you can certainly benefit a lot from it! It is very important to catch an opportunity like this!!! So, rely on ESSS! You will be pleased with it!

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Luca, Bolzano, Italy

When I came to London for the first time, I attended an intensive English course at Wimbledon School of English (WSE) whilst staying in a host family.  ESSS introduced me to the WSE and London as a whole. They told me about the positive feedback of the past experience of other students and depicted the experience as the best for foreigners visiting London...and everything was confirmed during my stay there! Regarding the school I studied English in, I can say that it was the right place to improve your English, meet people of different nationalities and share ideas. Throughout this course, my English improved rapidly, especially my conversation skills.  I really enjoyed life here.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing tours we did on the weekends with Yvonne, ESSS's trip organizer. I am very grateful to ESSS for having provided me and the other students with continual support through out our whole stay in London. If you’re thinking of coming to England I’m sure you will be pleased with the trip’s organization by ESSS. I would highly recommend this. As for me, I can say that it was a pity that the stay lasted just a fortnight, next time I want to stay a little bit longer!

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